Retirement Planning

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Retirement planning requires thoughtful input on long-term goals combined with a sound strategy for income after employment ends. At Sweeney Wealth Advisors, our experienced team of financial services advisors is here to walk you through the process of planning your future.

Retirement Planning

We understand that retirement planning can be both exciting and overwhelming. It is exciting to think of the next chapter of life after employment, and we can show you how you can achieve the vision you have for it. We can also help you estimate your expenses so that we can put the right retirement plan together to ensure you have sufficient income to support your desired lifestyle.

Changing Life Stages

Each phase of life requires a slightly different focus. Young adulthood allows you to leverage compound interest and investment growth to start you on the eventual path to financial independence. As you and your retirement plan mature, your risk tolerance must be adjusted to preserve the return on your investments while your savings become more aggressive. We are here to work with you throughout your life.

Estate Planning

An essential component of retirement planning is estate planning. After all, you want your loved ones to benefit from your hard work, not estate taxes. Our team is here to show you strategies to minimize inheritance taxes and protect your family.

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