Pre-Retirement Planning

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At Sweeney Wealth Advisors, helping clients realize their dreams is our business. Whether yours is to retire early, create your ideal post-retirement business or travel the world, our financial services team is here to help you realize your vision.

Pre-Retirement Planning

It is never too early to start your retirement plan. Everyone has different circumstances, challenges and goals. We have 29 years of combined experience in designing financial strategies for individuals and families. Our advisors will tailor a plan specifically to meet your retirement goals while adapting to changing life events.

A Liveable Plan

What good is planning so carefully for retirement only to look back and see that you missed the journey? Part of our strategy is to show you how you can achieve your goals while still making memories along the way. We help you structure your retirement accounts to maximize wealth while minimizing risk as you get closer to retirement.

Making the Transition

Whether you've been working for a few years or a lifetime, making the transition to retirement can be quite a change. Another component of our service to our pre-retirees is planning for the conversion from accumulating wealth to spending it. Our advisors can tailor a spending plan based on your anticipated needs to assure you that you will be adequately covered throughout your retirement.

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