Portfolio Management

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Investment planning can be confusing. Understanding the right mix of investments, when to buy, when to sell and what is and is not a good buy is an art. At Sweeney Wealth Advisors, our investment management team aims to help you maximize your return while managing your risk.

Portfolio Management

Many factors must be taken into consideration to manage an investment portfolio successfully. Creating and maintaining an investment account takes the experience to understand how to choose investments based on investor objectives and risk tolerance measured against investment performance.

Active Management

LPL portfolio managers are here to make your investments work for you based on the level of involvement you wish to have. With active management, the portfolio manager or management team continuously make decisions about the investments based on research to attempt to outperform the target return. Performance and risk are actively monitored, and the investment mix adjusted or rebalanced to meet the objectives of the portfolio.

Passive Management

With passive management, the strategy is a long-term "set it and forget it" one. The portfolio manager's role is to monitor a market index and make investment decisions to maximize returns by mirroring that index. The expectation is that little input is needed with a passive strategy.

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